Tapovan Retreat


About the Hotel :


Tapovan makes no claims to compete with modern exotic beach resorts. It has all the conveniences and amenities for a comfortable stay but more importantly, it has "the warmth of a home". In fact it is because of all of the above and more, that you'd want to go back to it again and again. It's quiet unassuming character, homeliness and very very charming people who serve you and take good care of you; beckon you every time you think " Weekend near Mumbai".!! Without being obtrusive or intrusive, Tapovan is a place where you can truly unwind, eat to your heart's content, recharge your energies and feel refreshed and alive when you get back to Mumbai. In fact it is an ideal gift to give your friends or family or spouse - just present them a weekend at this retreat and see them all smiles when they get back!  

Facilities :

  • Amenities :- Tapovan has very spacious rooms with attached baths, clean beds, clean bathrooms with running water (hot and cold), and even TV in each room.
  • The capacity is for 4 A/C Garden Suites; 2 A/C Deluxe rooms; 2 non A/C Deluxe Rooms and 3 Large Family Rooms.
  • With high ceilings, wooden beams and coat stands, a little sit-out for the rooms, with wide window ledges and chairs and tables to have your own soirees, it's a throw back to the colonial days, where leisure meant pleasure!
  • Tapovan has a spacious open Dining Area for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner.
  • Food service is outsourced and could be made available by the caterer.
  • Prior orders have to be given. There are also many Veg / Non.Veg Restaurants in Bordi / Dahanu where meals could be enjoyed.
  • After the scrumptious meals, right from breakfast to dinner, one could settle down to a game of rummy, badminton or go for long walks or just snooze

Access :

  "Tapovan Retreat Opp. Vijay Stumbh, Bordi, Maharashtra", Bordi
 Surat (160kms), Mumbai (160kms)
 160 Kms
 Valsad (71kms), Thane (140kms), Navi Mumbai (155kms), Surat (160kms), Nashik (200kms), Mumbai (170)

About the Place :


Bordi is an idyllic beachfront, 160 km North of Mumbai surrounded by fruit orchards (lot of Chikoo Orchards) all over the area.

Sightseeing :


Bordi Beach, Bordi
Bordi Beach, popularly known as the Dahanu-Bordi Beach, is admired for its peaceful and untouched beauty. The sea line stretches 17 km from Dahanu to Bordi, and is marked by blackish, sticky sands and chikoo orchards.

Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, Bordi
Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, located in the areas of Prabhadevi, is the largest temple amongst the twenty four Tirthankaras or prophets in the Jain religion. Based on the Jainism religion, this temple is dedicated to Adinatha or Rishabha who was the first prophet of the 24 Tirthankaras. The temple follows the traditions of Jainism.

Depchari Dam and Reservoir snapshot
Depchari Dam and Reservoir is one of the biggest lakes in Bordi. Bigger in dimension than Asavli Dam, this lake is popular for its peaceful and solitary surroundings. With trees in the background, the lake appears to have a rich green cover. This site is most visited by travellers, who want to relax away from the mayhem of big cities and towns.

Dahanu Fort
Dahanu Fort, located at a distance of 24 km from Bordi, stands on the north bank of the river. This fort is built of cut stones with walls rising to a height of 38 ft and 10 ft thick. According to legends, this fort was captured by the Marathas under the leadership of Chimaji Rao Appa, in January 1739.

Bahrot Caves
Bahrot Caves are located 8 km away from Bordi and at a distance of 20 km to the south of Sanjan. Lying amidst the Bahrot Hills that rise to a height of 1500 ft these caves hold immense significance for Parsis. Legends reveal that Zarathosti ancestors took refuge in these caves in 1351 AD for 13 long years, while hiding themselves from the Muslim invaders.

The ancestors of Zarathosti, or Parsis, blessed an Iranian Fire temple in the hills, but the fire was later transferred to these Bahrot caves. This fire, better known as ‘Iranshah Flame’, has been kept burning since then. These caves are thus a remembrance of the brave men who laid their lives to keep the flame burning.

Asavli Dam snapshot
Asavli Dam has been built manually, the same way as the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built. Approximately 1,160 ft long and 78 ft high, this dam is surrounded by green lakes and mountains on one side and fields and a small village on the other side. Other dams and reservoirs are also located in close proximity to this dam.

Asavli Dam serves as a beautiful picnic spot providing a view of the beautiful mountains housing the Bahrot Caves. Monsoon season is the best time to make a visit to the Asavli Dam.

Vrindavan Studios
Vrindavan Studios is located in Umbergaon, which is situated at a distance of 10 km from Bordi. Established in 1975, the four acre campus encompasses three studios. These studios are widely known as the site of shooting of super-hit mythological television series, Ramayana and Mahabharat. Furthermore, screenings for television serials Jai Hanuman and Raavan were also held here.

Kalpataru Botanical Garden snapshot
Kalpataru Botanical Garden is located in Umbergaon, which is situated 10 km away from Bordi. Kalpataru is a marine village encompassing the botanical garden, which are famous for trees that surround the park. Preserved in the park by Dahanu Municipal Authorities, these trees provide an extensive green cover to the garden. The best time to visit this garden is during the monsoon season, when the trees are in full bloom.



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