Hotel Kinara

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About the Hotel :


Sit out in your balcony to deeply inhale the evening wind and catch the scent of the ocean or you can simply wonder with the weaves approaching to the shore. Choice is yours. But anything you choose will bring a rejuvenating experience.

Facilities :

  • They serve the typical Konkani sea food with variety of preparations.
  • Even the vegetarian food served at Kinara is deliciously tasty.
  • Sit out in your balcony to deeply inhale the evening wind and catch the scent of the ocean or you can simply wonder with the weaves approaching to the shore. Choice is yours. But anything you choose will bring a rejuvenating experience. To add more happiness in your holidays; attractive beach sports are available here. You can sail to see dolphins or can watch costal birds.
  • You can ride a bull cart or a camel cart. Para sailing is the special attraction.
  • Sand scooters are also available. And all this very close to hotel Kinara. With 12 sea facing; air conditioned & non air conditioned rooms, the windows after opening curtains are converted into a beautiful nature portraits. Separate dinning hall, open air restaurant, well landscaped garden, secured parking, state of the art cleanliness are among the remarkable facilities available at hotel Kinara. Get in and feel it... we are eager to welcome you.

Access :

  Address: Karde, District Ratnagiri, Dapoli, Maharashtra 415713, Dapoli
 Khed (27 kms), Chiplun (60 kms), Kolad (132 kms)
 Pune (185kms), Mumbai (220kms)
 220 Kms
 Thane (220kms), Navi Mumbai (220kms), Pune (185kms), Mumbai (220kms)

About the Place :


Dapoli is a coastal town in Maharashtra at 230 kms from Mumbai and about 180 kms from Pune. Dapoli is also an access point to visit Murud Harnai (10-15 kms), an idyllic beach front.

Sightseeing :


Dapoli Sightseeings

Asud Ancient Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar temples in the midst of scenic hills
Karde Has a pristine beach and few resorts
Harnai Beach South of old Harnai fort, the palm-fringed beach of Murud is famous for its clean white sands and crystal clear safe waters. Visit the Goa Killa or Harnai fort which is built in different levels. Don't miss the fish auction in the evenings.

Seagulls at Harnai Beach
Suvarnadurg Suvarnadurg the island fortress off the coast of Harnai was a fort built by Shivaji to counter the Siddi. Ths fort was later used by Shivaji to counter the Europeans and was a base for the Maratha navy's ship building facility. The town of Harishareshwar, known for its tranquil and picturesque beach is also landmarked by the Kalbhairav Shiva Temple. If you are adventurous enough take a small boat to the North side of the bay, you can see where the Peshwas or Prime Ministers of the Maratha Kingdom originally resided. Also see the Peshwa Smarak and visit the Bankot Fort at Bagmandala, approximately 4 kilometers away.
Anjarle Few kilometres away from Dapoli is the beach of Anjarle. Ganapati of Hill (Kadyawarcha) In Aanjarle village on the seashore the temple built on huge mountain is known as 'Ganapati of Kadyawar'. After crossing the Jog river creek, there is Aanjarle village. In earlier times there were two temples in the sea, one Temple of Aanjarleshwar & other of Ganapati. They got drowned in the sea, later on Ganapati temple was built on a high mountain. The temple must be of Madhavrao Peshve period. There are 250 steps to it. There is a lake in front of it. It has a big hall & a stone staircase. There is water fountain in the hall, There is a dome, are & many pillars in the temple. The place is cool & pleasant in Dapoli Taluka with seashore & forest. Hence, tourist are attracted at this place.
Ladghar The beach here called Tamas Teertha is has religious background and many people come here to bathe in the sea water. The sunset here is unforgettable.

A View of Ladghar Beach from nearby hill
Panhalekaji Ancient, rock cut caves believed to be more than a thousand years old are a treat to architecture lovers. Hindu and Buddhist sculptures cover the walls. There are around 29 caves here which are are located on the banks of the “Kotjai” river.
Unhavare Situated amidst a picturesque valley, you can bathe in these natural hot springs. The water has medicinal value and can cure some skin diseases
Ade Visit the ancient temple of Shree Parshuram. You can also take a stroll on the clean and calm beach
Kelshi Further north from Anjarle, near the border of Raigad district, is another small town known as Kelshi. This village is frequented by pilgrims who come to the Mahalaxmi Temple here, built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. Other than the Mahalaxmi Temple, there are other temples here dedicated to Rasha Krishna, Beleshwar and Ganesha, to name a few. Just outside of the village is a lovely beach, which stretches for 2.5 kms and the sunset is said to be spectacular from this beach.
Murud Dhondo Keshav karve who started the movement for the women came from this village. There is an ancient temple of Goddess Durgadevi which is on a wooden pillar. There are 28 carved wooden pillars in it. In front of the temple there is 'Appasaheb Smarak'. Also, these is a statue of Maharshi Karve. The Ganapati in lake is also a peculiar feature of Murud. During the summer, when there is less water in the lake, the devotees can visit the Ganapati idol. Accommodation facilities are available in the hotels.
Khem Padmavati, Satere Tarf Haweli,Post agar Vaigani, Dapoli (23 kilometres away from Dapoli & 8 Kilometres from Dabhol Beach). Khem Padmavati Devi Temple famous in Dabhol Panchkrochi. From Dapoli Satere Tarf Haweli S.T. facility is available.  edit
Waghave, Waghave, Post: Kalambat, Tal: Dapoli, Dist: Ratnagiri (Towards Ajarla side). Waghave is one of the revenue generated village in Dapoli, which situated 13kms from Dapoli towards Ajarla side Arebian Sea

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Sit out in your balcony to deeply inhale the evening wind and catch the scent of the ocean or you can simply wonder with the weaves approaching to

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