Cancellation policy

If any cancellations from hotel/ Service Provider or Trawellgo will refund the amount.

Guest should know some policies of hotels. Hotels do not refund any amount in case of cancellations are done on same day or on peak season. Each hotel has a time limit for cancellations. Postponements are subject to availability and depends on hotels to hotels, there may be extra charges applicable for postponement.

We apply exactly the same Hotel/Service provider cancellation policy and any refunds applicable will be issued only after we have received the same from the Hotel/Service provider. Service charges are applicable for processing cancellation.

Standard Cancellation Charges levied by Trawellgo

• 7 % if cancelled after booking

• 25% if cancelled fifteen days in advance to check in

• 50% if cancelled before one week in advance to check in

• 50% if few of the total booked rooms are cancelled.

• 100% if cancelled within a week prior to check in or on the same day.

• Credit/Debit card cancellations will be charged 7% * extra.....



Above Cancellation Charges are over and above what hotels / service provider / flight operator may charge as part of the reservation / cancellation policy.

Refunds for Credit Card payments will be issued as a credit reversal on card. The amount credited on the card will be after deducting 4%-7%* MSF (Merchant Service Fee that payment gateway charges merchants for credit card payments and does not refund even when the transaction is part of fully cancelled).

Above is not be applicable in cases of cancellation on account of Natural Calamity (Floods, bad weather) and unforeseen travel circumstances (Flight cancellation).

Service Tax collected and paid to Govt. of India is not recoverable and therefore not refunded even in cases of Natural Calamity (Floods, bad weather) and unforeseen travel circumstances (Flight cancellation).

Cancellation Policies are applicable according to the check in date.